Finally, the age of procrastination is over. The force has awoken and it is strong indeed. As I sit and write this, on the fifth day of Twenty Seventeen, I reflect on how my life has turned out. I used to have regrets regarding the decisions I made in my adolescence. I felt as though I was “failing life” and that I was living way below my potential. Having these thoughts plague my mind led me to state of near-constant depression, and the unshakeable feeling of inadequacy.

How did I escape this slump I hear you ask? I have not, if I’m honest. I’m no closer to being a success than I was yesterday, but there is a difference. I no longer blame myself for failure. I no longer allow my failures to define me, and shackle myself to the mistakes of my past.

2016 has been a myriad of emotion and wasted energy. Work-rate without focus and clearly defined end-goals is useless, as is wasting time and emotion on people who do not truly reciprocate. It is time to take control of the inner-turmoil and turn all the negative emotion and energy into a firestorm. The Dark Side of the Force is strong, and without control it will consume you until there is nothing left but anger and hate. Balance is key. Self-love (and I don’t mean masturbation) is crucial, and self-belief vital. It has never been a question of ability nor capability. Only motivation. Without drive, all progress will eventually come to a halt.

This is not a New Year’s Resolution. This is renewed ambition. Reawakened passion. The realisation that I already possess all I need in order to live, now it is time to elevate one’s status in the world. The only card I need is the Mase of Spades… (Or failing that, I could always pull the race card!)

I don’t promise anything for 2017, except an original poem each Sunday providing I have access to the internet for all 52 weeks of the year. (Niggas is broke these days mayn!) Other than the poetry expect more blog posts that appear to be intelligent, but at closer glance are just the senseless ramblings of an insane drug addict.

Thank you for reading this. I love you for that. Til the next time people.

“I have nothing to declare, except my genius”




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