I decided to write a poem in a style I was taught in primary school here. The only problem would be that if I formatted the poem correctly it wouldn’t flow. Oh well. Such is life. Enjoy 🙂

Reality warped individual with a crazed mind
Edifying infants then head home and blaze mine
Dark side of the force is where I reside
Can’t keep reacting based on how I feel inside
Lowering my standards won’t help me on my path
Opposition can’t stop me, they’ll all feel my wrath
Underestimating Mason they think he’s not a deity
Destruction is their destiny unless they make way for me
Greatness is the only reason I exist
Anomaly born to reconfigure the Matrix
Watching in silence, waiting for my moment
Deaf to the hate, because the loud’s what I’m smoking…

“Time for the arrival of the Gawd of the Red Clouds”


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