Loneliness tortures the brain inside my cranium
Inside insanity I stay rooted like geraniums
I couldn’t kill myself, for that I’m too pretty
I’d rather kill the world and stay alone feeling shitty
They say they know me, but to my siblings I’m a stranger
A foriegn entity, filled with mystery and danger
Violently volatile, handle me with care
I’m exceedingly explosive, reduce my own mum to tears
It’s disgusting, I’m a dumb prick doing dumb shit
Every time a chance came along you know I fucked it
I could blame the world but I just blame myself
Doctor please examine my brain and explain my health
Because I need to change all that bothers me
I can’t let a lack of motivation be stopping me
I need to fix my life and this time properly
I can’t die like an average, living one step from poverty…


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