I know it’s not Sunday today, but I have a freshly written poem as I have no nuggets of wisdom to share with the populace. I have taken a vow to keep my penmanship sharp and post more frequently. I wish not to dull my blade, so expect content to be posted with more frequency than it was previously. Love to all who read and appreciate my work. Even those who dislike it. I’m just happy to have your time. It’s the most precious commodity you know. 🙂

Their expectations of Epic Mason
Led his mind to annihilation
Thus this caused his desecration
His hopes and dreams were dissipating
He delved within the Matrix
Each day going through the motions
Hidden within a sanctuary
Of humour and shared emotion
A place hidden deep
Within mediums used to socialise
Where people share both love and pain
A place where you could vocalise
Epic came to a realisation
That he answered only to Mason
Ignoring other’s speculation
He made success his destination

Let me know if you wish to see more poetry on a week day by either commenting on here or following me on Twitter @RedCloudGawd. If you have ideas for any other content, please feel free to throw a suggestion my way, I love new inspiration!

“Fuck with me, you know I got it” – Jay-Z


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