It’s Wednesday today, so you know what that means??? Absolutely nothing if I’m honest. Here is a poem I have written. I know it’s not Sunday, but I like to self-indulge 🙂

Love is amazing, yet it’s a mystery
Filling your heart with a single touch
Its unifed humankind all throughout history
I just want a little bit I don’t need much
Why does love evade me? Always disappearing
I always show love, but lack reciprocation
It’s why it seems like I’m never caring
It’s just that loneliness fills the heart of Mason
Love’s nuts, I fall in too fast
Its so deep for me, but for her it never lasts
Soon enough my heart shatters like glass
And I’m sat with a spliff reminiscing on our past
I’m bored and I’m done, it’s Mummy’s first born son
No longer have a purpose, so i’m looking for a gun
No games, I’ve put the weapon to my brain
Unless you’ve got another way to take away my pain
But for now, suicide’s not an option
So I stay smoking on a herbal concoction
Cup filled with a most lethal toxin
I’m self-destructing like Holmes without Watson

If you like it, feel free to let me know on social media. Please forgive me in advance for anything I post on social media, I’m quite the twisted individual…

“What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more” – Haddaway


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