It occurred to me, that I don’t write much positive poems. I know this is the Dark Side, but it isn’t all gloom and doom in the existence of Epic Mase. Thus I have composed something, a bit more optimistic in tone.  Hope you enjoy 😀

Smile rarely, unless her will says otherwise
Each time we speak in my stomach there are butterflies
Energy and passion defy distance and time
Emotion is crazy, the way it sizzles your insides
Forget rhyme let me luxuriate without reason
Forget that the sight of her was to my eyes pleasing
The truth is that her spirit makes me feel so much power
She must be royalty, so my only thought’s to crown her
I cherish every moment and second we communicate
It’s more than words, her emotions getting through to Mase
It’s real to me now so I had to express
I don’t do this to impress, that’s something I must stress
This is just the honest thoughts and feelings of a lonely male
Who’s spent his life searching for love like it’s the Holy Grail
Beautiful girl on my mind while I contemplate
The moment when things manifest, but that’s not today

Yeah, I know. I got rather sentimental there. Don’t blame me. Blame my inspiration. 😂

If you wish for more content of a lighter tone, please let me know and I shall be sure to oblige!

When love is not madness, it is not love.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca




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