I can’t lie, I’m probably more interested in watching Real Madrid than I am in writing this. Not because I dislike writing, but because this game is lit! 🔥

Here is my latest effort for your visual pleasure, I call it “Keep faith”…

Forget what you heard about me
I’m different
Passionate and aggressive
Quiet and introspective
Loyalty is the only trait I seek
Indifferent attitude is all I portray
No longer seek love I’ve given up
Nobody on the planet could understand my brain
But looking at her is like looking in a mirror
Her existence gives me renewed faith
I forgot what this felt like
To laugh and smile without a care
Her beauty is intoxicating
Her smile is hypnotic
Her mind is a treasure trove
Her thoughts are invaluable
Her love completes me
I finally feel whole
Her energy fills my void
I’m besotted with her soul

Thank you for your continued support. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for you. Yes you, you reading this right now. Thank you, for all that you do in supporting me. I love you.

“If I had to live my life again, I’d find you sooner” – Kobi Yamada



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