This was originally written on January 30th  2011…

“My heart is pure gold, but it is encased in an icy layer of stone. Everyday I feel a little more lonely, as my heart gets a little colder. The path ahead of me is a long, solitary road. I know where I am going, but I don’t know if this road is taking me there. I don’t want to walk this road alone, but I have no choice but to. Loneliness and my fate are intertwined.

I have no interest in the cares of this world. Material pleasures hold no weight for me. I found no answers in religion. I go to university and do my work merely as a formality now. I have no passion for my course. I have no job, and have acheived nothing of great significance in since 2009. My existence would seem to be pointless to an outside eye.

I was placed upon this planet to do things an ordinary human being would not be capable of. I am here to say things homo sapiens cannot comprehend. I am an individual unlike any you’ll ever encounter. Please don’t underestimate me. I am more powerful than you will ever imagine….

Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.” – Nagato”

It’s funny looking back at yourself, especially when you realise that nothing has truly changed. Some of the minutia has altered with the passing of time, but nothing is different. Fuck it. Nothing really matters anyway. Not when you are merely a speck of cosmic dust in the grand scheme of the universe. I’ve been bored of my existence for much too long…

“I’m depressed like I want to die, but there’s much more to life so I’m happy that death ain’t found me…” – Dot Rotten


3 thoughts on “The life of the Black hero has never been for the meek of heart….

  1. Hey! It’s Lyds from Belushi’s :p I’ve just read some of your stuff (sorry it took me so long, gals been buussssyyyy), but I love it! I’m yet to keep delving because i’m really loving what I’m seeing but I 100% will. Your poems are really raw and honest and thats something you never really see anymore, so big ups for that 🙂 they’re so lyrical too aahhh, imma stop typing and carry on reading bc I like :))


    1. Thank you very much for your time and kind words 🙂 I am very happy to know you have enjoyed that which you have read thus far! I’ll be sure to email you a draft copy of my unfinished novel for your further reading pleasure x

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